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Oil-free screw compressors Airpol

Oil-free screw compressors Airpol

Oil-free screw compressors of the BS series - are reliable, energy-saving and noiseless sources of compressed air. The used modern sound-proof cases and noise suppressors guarantee very good sound insulation. And high-class vibration isolators allow you to install machines at a standard base. These machines are characterized by long intervals between technical inspections, ease of installation and operation. The compressors are equipped with screw units that do not require oil injection into the air compression chamber.


The air from the environment enters into the compressor drawn in by an air filter, which keeps permanent contamination.

Through the suction regulator, air enters into 1-st air compression stage. The compressor suction regulator is equipped with pressure relief through a noise suppressor. After compression to an excess pressure of 3.5 bar, air is supplied from the 1-st stage to the interstage cooler. The compression units of the 1-st stage and the interstage system are protected from pressure growth over the permissible value by a protective valve.

After cooling the air passes through a condensate separator, then it is drawn in the 2-d stage. After reaching an excess pressure of 10 bar, the air is pumped into the final cooler, after which it enters the external compressed air network through a non-return valve. 

Compressor operation CONTROL

To simplify the control over the compressed air production process, oil-free screw compressors of the Airpol BS series are equipped with microprocessor controllers. The tasks of the controller include constant supervision of the operation of the machine, providing access to all the operating parameters of the compressor and making changes in the permitted, permissible range. The controller screen displays warnings and information about the need for maintenance. The tasks of the controller also include the collection and evaluation of information, in case of exceeding the permissible parameters that violate safety regulations, the compressor turns off.

  • high-quality compressed air without oil
  • low power consumption
  • low operating and maintenance costs
  • comprehensive monitoring of the compressor operation using a microprocessor controller
  • low sensitivity to dustiness of the environment due to the use of an effective filtration system
  • very low vibration and noise level

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